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Dog Eat Dog

By Andrew Post

Electric Midnight: Episode One

Detroit. 1999. One doublecross. Two Hitmen. No place to hide. A hyper-violent crime novel that moves like a Teflon-coated bullet shot straight into the inky black heart of the void.

Set during a dreary spring, less than a year before the new millennium, Electric Midnight features hitmen, self-serving lawyers, a pool shark, a detective in way over her head, a pair of glue-sniffing grave-robbers, a private investigator with dissociative personality disorder, a mall-lurking kleptomaniac, rival crime families, a 14-year-old girl with a samurai sword, plenty of Y2K paranoia, a twisty plot replete with back-stabbings, and double-timings, and last but not least, a doomsday cult called the Moths of the Blue Flame.

Coming in November of 2022!

Praise for Andrew Post's Previous Work

"Chop Shop is a wild blend of pulp fiction with dark comedy; its engrossing plot always seems just about to spin out of control."

—John R. Murray, Forward Reviews

"[Milk Teeth] feels like a melting pot of a Rob Zombie screenplay and an unworldly Clive Barker horror story. I absolutely enjoyed it and couldn't put it down."

—E. Reyes, author of The House on Moon Creek Avenue
About the Author: Andrew Post was born in Erie, Pennsylvania (imagine Eraserhead but in color). While he was honing his craft as a writer (those early stories were awful) he worked in a gift shop in one of the scuzziest hotels in the Midwest, he cleaned rental cars (also gross), he was a butcher (despite being a vegetarian),and in 2013 his first novel, the cyberpunk thriller, Knuckleduster, was published. No one really seemed to care much but he kept at it and has since published a handful of other works to varying degrees of resulting public interest with a few seeing translations and one almost became a movie (that lit agent has since been fired).