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The Street Martyr

By T. Fox Dunham

An outlandish and unforgettable journey to the grim underbelly of the City of Brotherly Love

Vincent Grant lives on the edge. He gets by pushing stolen prescription drugs to high school kids, his mother is dying of cancer, and his business partner, the diminutive “King Louie,” may up and kill him, or anyone else, at any moment.

When Vincent is enlisted to throw a scare into a deviant priest, he does it dutifully, leaving the man bleeding on the floor of a seedy apartment. But when the priest is found brutally murdered, life as Vincent knew it ends and he has to flee as killers on both sides of the law make him the target of a city-wide manhunt. In an increasingly desperate struggle against increasingly long odds, Vincent begins to think his only hope lies not in fighting to live, but in resigning himself to dying—and killing—for a cause.

Praise for The Street Martyr

“The Street Martyr is a book with balls. Great big brass balls. It’s tough and gritty, unflinchingly brutal and honest, and a wild ride from start to finish. And yet, the book’s thrills are only part of the reason Dunham left me feeling like I’d just been flattened by a literary steamroller. For me, the real appeal of this book is in its heart. Dunham has painted a mean picture of those scrabbling for survival on the fringes of society, but he’s done it with genuine empathy and class.”

—Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Inheritance and The Savage Dead

“With The Street Martyr, T. Fox Durnham has created visceral, vivid, lyrical, and heart wrenching tale of lost souls living life on a razor’s edge. A powerful and gripping tale which will haunt your dreams.”

—Paul D. Brazill, author of Gumshoe and Guns Of Brixton.
About the Author: T. Fox Dunham lives outside of Philadelphia, PA. He is a cancer survivor, a historian, and an author published in many international magazines and anthologies. He follows the path of a modern bard. His friends all call him Fox and his motto is: “deconstructing civilization one story at a time.”