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All Your Lies Came True

By Mike Creeden

A Rock and Roll Nightmare

Failed rocker Declan “Deck” St. James is eking out an existence writing click-bait for scandal sheets. When his old friend turned sobriety coach shows up and invites Deck to Joshua Tree, the drunk and drug-addled Deck passes on what he thinks is a thinly-veiled intervention.

Two days later, the friend is found dead of a mysterious overdose.

With the help of his ex-bandmate and former best friend Stevie, Deck launches an investigation and quickly learns that nothing is what it seems—from the hot new band nobody has heard to the strange cult outside Joshua Tree. Deck and Stevie are forced to put their differences aside in order to put the band back together for one last show. It could be the biggest gig of their lives … or the last time they are seen alive.

Praise for Mike Creeden and All Your Lies Came True

“Creeden is s writer who knows how to wield the weapon of suspense and who knows that the only real plot is that nothing is as it seems.”
—John Dufresne, I Don’t Like Where This is Going

“All Your Lies Came True marries the gumshoe thriller to the foregone heartache of Los Angeles; rock music business, and the result is, in Creeden’s hands, a match made in heaven. If Robert Mitchum kicked in the door of a Sex Pistols party, looking for some answers, the results might look a lot like what takes place in this inventive and absorbing debut thriller.”

—Les Standiford, author of Water to the Angels: William Mulholland, His Monumental Aqueduct & the Rise of Los Angeles

About the Author: Mike Creeden’s work has appeared in Tigertail, Miami Living, Everything is Broken, The Florida Book Review, and Trouble in the Heartland: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Bruce Springsteen. He lives with his wife in South Florida, and teaches writing at Florida International University.