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Graveyard Stompers

By Eddie McNamara

From Hardcore to Hard Time to Hell on Earth

At only seventeen, Jim "Quinny" Quinn was a living legend in the Brooklyn hardcore scene; the leader of a gang called the Graveyard Stompers, dating gutter-punk queen Justine Obscene, and poised to capture the Golden Gloves and fulfill the dreams of his tough-as-nails Irish immigrant father. What could go wrong? Everything.

Just when his underground success is about to level up, an impulsive punch sends a fool to his grave—and sends Quinny to a maximum-security lockup.

When the former boy wonder emerges from prison he is a battered, 37-year-old hard-case, back in his old stomping grounds, begging scraps from mobsters, putting the hurt on people who get in his way, and betting his future on an outrageous fight that most think he can't possibly win.

Coming in Spring of 2023!

About the Author: Eddie McNamara is the author of Toss Your Own Salad: The Meatless Cookbook (St. Martin’s Press.) He contributed to Off the Back of a Truck: Contraband for the Soprano’s Fan (Tiller Press) and Video Palace: In Search of the Eyeless Man (Tiller Press). His work has appeared in Vice, Penthouse, InStyle, Women’s Health, HGTV, Shotgun Honey, Thuglit, All Due Respect, Switchblade, and J Journal. He also writes a monthly mental health column called "Panic in the Streets" at