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Weren't Another Other Way To Be

Outlaw Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Waylon Jennings

Edited by Alec Cizak

Regarding the crass commercialization of country music, Waylon Jennings once sang, “Where do we take it from here?” He answered that question by heading home to Texas and, with Shotgun Willie Nelson, reinvigorating the genre.

Today we ask the same question regarding crime fiction. It’s being cut off from its roots, sanitized, made “safe.” But in the same way that country music is about more than western costumes and pop music formulae, crime fiction is about more than the superficial trappings of the genre.

In this volume, like Waylon did with country music in those bygone days, we’re looking to rock the boat. Don’t give us stories contorted to conform to commercial, or political, agendas. We want outlaw fiction. The real deal. No apologies. No limits.


*Submissions will be open until October 31, 2022.

*We are seeking stories between 3,000 and 6,000 words.

*Use a Waylon Jennings song title as the title of your story, then follow wherever the inspiration leads. A complete list of Waylon Jennings' recorded songs is available here.

*Do not quote the lyrics of the song whose title you have chosen. Take the story in your own direction.

*Avoid cliches. Do not set your story in a bar.

*Seek to capture the spirit and attitude of the artist. Waylon was a hard partier with a big heart and little patience for bullshit.

*Each song title will be used once. Claimed titles will be posted on this page.

Send submissions to RockAnthologies@Gutterbooks.com

By submitting your work you attest that you are able to grant full publication rights, and if your story is accepted for publication you agree not to publish it elsewhere for one year after this anthology is published. Please, no simultaneous submissions. All contributors will receive a cash payment and a contributor copy.
The following song/story titles are already being used:

"Lonesome, On'ry and Mean"

"Somewhere Between Ragged and Right"

"Ain't Livin' Long Like This"

"Ain't No God in Mexico"

"Gold Dust Woman"

"Bad Day"

"The Devil's Right Hand"
About The Editor: Alec Cizak is a writer and filmmaker from Indianapolis. His fiction has appeared in several journals and anthologies. He is also the editor of the fiction journal Pulp Modern.