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By George Fong
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FBI Special Agent Jack Paris didn’t know why Alvin Cooper killed his own family five years ago. He just knew the man was guilty. When Cooper escapes a minimum-security prison and a young girl goes missing, he quickly becomes the chief suspect, and Agent Paris is back on the manhunt to capture a murderer before it’s too late. It’s the hottest summer on record in the Central Valley and the girl is a diabetic; without her medication, she won’t survive long. In this race against time, Agent Jack Paris soon uncovers a conspiracy more sinister than he could have possibly imagined.

George Fong spent twenty-seven years as a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, investigating all facets of violent crimes, including kidnapping, extortion, serial killings, crimes against children, bank robbery, drug trafficking, fugitives, and Asian gangs. He was a member of the FBI's Evidence Response Team and a certified undercover agent. He is now the Director of Security for a world-wide sports television network.

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“Deftly written and propulsive, this novel takes the reader on a you-are-there journey that never slows down.” 

—Michael Connelly

“Authentic and suspenseful—a great thriller.”

—Lee Child

“Fong knows his stuff and delivers it. Fragmented is taut, tense and terrifying.”

—Don Winslow

Deftly plotted, lightning paced and immensely readable, Fragmented is a stellar debut from a talented newcomer. We will be hearing much more from this new author. Highly recommended.”

—Sheldon Siegel

“Clean, vivid, and gripping, a knowing crime story written at street level. George Fong distills a twenty-seven year FBI career and his talent shines through.”

—Kirk Russell

“Every page of George Fong’s haunting debut, Fragmented, bears the imprint of real-life experience. Here is a writer with the dark, magnetic wisdom of a man who’s seen the best and worst of the human species, and who possesses an intimate understanding of those who enforce the law, those who defy it, and the innocent lives caught in between. The story doesn’t seem just plausible or likely – it rings true, it feels lived. It will not just surprise and entertain, it will shock and disturb. Prepare yourself for some late night reading – and a nightmare or two.”

—David Corbett