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by Les Edgerton
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The Imperfect Crime...

When criminal genius Charles "Reader" Kincaid accidentally alerts a retired cop to the impending commission of the perfect crime, the crime becomes a lot less perfect.

The plan is to wire a prominent banker with a remote control bomb and thereby capture untold millions from a dangerous drug czar. Or is the plan something else? The plot thickens as hidden family connections come to light and who is betraying who—and why—becomes a matter of life and death for perpetrators and victims alike.

With wry wit and first-hand knowledge of the underworld, author Les Edgerton unleashes a cast of quirky characters and dark ambitions that collide in a tale nothing short of explosive.

Les Edgerton (MFA, Vermont College) is a novelist and author of Finding Your Voice. His short fiction has appeared in Best American Mystery Stories 2001, Kansas Quarterly, Arkansas Review, North Atlantic Review, Chiron Review, and many others. His honors include a Pushcart Prize nomination, Edgar Allan Poe Award nomination, and an Indiana Arts Commission Fellowship.

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"Les Edgerton has swiftly become my favorite crime writer. Original voice,  uncompromising attitude and a pure hardboiled style leap him to the front ranks of my reading list. He will become legendary."

Joe R. Lansdale

“Les Edgerton is the perfect reason for both of my favorite maxims: Don't trust anyone over thirty and: Don't trust crime fiction from anyone under thirty. The weight of experience behind Les's books is my anchor in the choppy waters of criminal literature.”

—Jedidiah Ayres, Peckerwood and others.

“Edgerton commits the perfect crime story.”

—Dietrich Kalteis, Triggerfish, The Deadbeat Club and Ride the Lightning.

“With the flavor of Elmore Leonard at his peak, Les Edgerton's Bomb! is a sumptuous crime fiction feast. Rich in characterization, plot, dialogue and with a great sense of place.”

—Paul D. Brazill, author of Cold London Blues, The Last Laugh, and Kill Me Quick!

“I'm not sure which is more fascinating, Les Edgerton's IED of a suspense novel, BOMB! or the convoluted, heartbreaking story of its journey to publication. Both had me hooked. The good news is that you get it all with this fine new release from Gutter Books. “

—Grant Jerkins, Abnormal Man: A Novel, A Very Simple Crime, The Ninth Step and others.

“Les Edgerton is a writing hero of mine. Every time I read one of his novels, I feel like I'm being schooled all over again. All crime fiction fans should take a chance on BOMB! and see what it means to read the real deal instead of the pretenders.”

—Anthony Neil Smith, Holy Death, Yellow Medicine, All the Young Warriors, Worm and others.

“Les Edgerton cements his place at the crime fiction chessboard with Bomb, a delicious and intricate mix of whodunit and cat-and-mouse. Masterful and engrossing.”

—Liam Sweeny, author of Welcome Back, Jack.