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Available Titles

Dodging Bullets by Joe McKinney

A novel of a small-time heroin dealer who tries to go straight and finds himself in a battle to the death with the Mexican Mafia.
On the Make by John D. MacDonald

Before there was Travis McGee, John D. MacDonald wrote short, brutal standalones in which nobodyor damned near nobodywas left standing. Our edition comes with two bonus essays!
The Wrong Man by William Ingsley

A harrowing tale of a regular guy who finds himself locked in a brutal war with small-time gangsters after he's wrongly accused of stealing a brick of marijuana.
The Flying Saucers are Real by Donald Keyhoe

In 1950, Gold Medal Books published the first full-length inquiry into the UFO phenomenon. Today Gutter Books revives this classic and re-introduces its numerous questions that are still unanswered after 60 years.
Fast One by Paul Cain

The most hard-boiled novel of the 1930s! Mysterious Black Mask scribe Paul Cain offers a cynical, violent tale of LA gangsters under prohibition. Includes a new bio and bonus essay.
High Sierra by W. R. Burnett

A true classic, this gem about a washed up gangster on a doomed heist will keep you flipping pages. Includes a great introduction and other bonus material.
Atomic Noir edited by Duane Swierczynski and Lou Boxer

Four incredible stories that focus on Post-WW II America and the world-wise style of pulp fiction that arose in the 1950s and '60s.